Annual service Passat Bioheat

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What does a service agreement on stoker / pellet stove contain?

Once you have signed a service agreement with HH-Energy, you are guaranteed an annual pellet service inspection on Passat Bioheat pellet stove, etc. Any spare parts are not included in the price og the pellet service.


For a service visit to Passat Bioheat stove, we will include:

  • Cleaning of pellet / pellet burner
  • Review of any gaskets corrosion moldings
  • Optimizing settings
  • Adjustment of management
  • Cleaning of the blower.
  • Cleansing of oxygen saturation and calibration
  • Checking the stone set
  • Check all electrical parts including:
  • Checking the engine
  • Checking the engine print
  • Checking stitches, etc.
  • Check all security features 


Should repairs and replacement of parts be made, it is beyond the ordinary service visit and is settled sparately. 


Keep pellet healthy - Make a service agreement with Hedestoker.

A properly adjusted pellet stove uses fewer pellets and optimally utilizes the heat from the wood pellets. At HH energy aps, we specialize in repairing pellet stoves and service of pellet stoves.

Our many years of experience means that we can provide our customers with he best service for pellet maintenance and inspection. We are dealers of some of the best pellet stoves that are on the market and we want to consumers to be happy and satisfied with our products. By making an annual inspection on a pellet stove, we ensure our customers that they get the most out of ther stoker / pellet stove.

Of course, our service agreements on wood pellets also apply to customers who have not bought their pellet stove with us.

We serve both private and corporate customers.

We carry out single-service visits, and we offer annual service sinspection if such an angreement is signed. There are of course many advantages of subscribing to an annual service inspection.


Should repairs and replacement parts be made, its is beyond the ordinary visist and is settled separately.


We specialize in pellet stoves and other things, such as service of Passat. When we are out with our customers, we have time to hear about their experiences as well as any problems. We want to provide the best service and we want our customers to be as happy for their pellet stove as we are.

If the customer has any pellet pellet problems, errors on pellet stoves or any wishes for improvement, we definitely have a solution.

We are your guarantee that your pellet stove works longer and burns optimally.

We do, among other things, repair and service on Passat pillars throughout Jutland and Fyn.


We go everywhere and make service visits - almost!

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