Bioheat 25

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Effect 19 kw.
Size: 650 x 1360 x 1300 mm.
Space requirement: 1250 x 2000 x 2000 mm.
Watercontent: 70 l.
Fuel storage: 140 l/90 kg.
Ash pan: 12 l.
fluesdiameter: 133 mm.
Electricity consumption: 41-60 w.
Flow temperature: 65-90°C.
Test pressure / operating pressure: 4,5/3.
Minimum chimney diameter: Ø133 mm.
Approval: DS/EN 303-5 Kedelkl. 5.
Weight: 350 kg.

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Weight: 350 kg


You can save half of your heating bill by chaning your oil fired boiler with a BioHeat and using biofuel pellets. Depending on your consumption, BIoHeat is paid back in 2-4 years.
Wood pellets are CO2 neutral, so no more CO2 is emitted by burning than the tree has hated during the growth period. Youst be aware that the CO2 is released in any case. if you burn the wood or it goes into nature, nothing matters in relation to the environmental impact.
For example, the wooden pellets can be bought in 16-20 kg bags. You can get them delivered at the door on pallets and order your wood pellets 2-3 times a year, so they do not fill much more than your oil tank. It has never been easier to be a biofuel owner. Bioheat boilers ensures efficient enviorenmentally sound and economical combustion of biofuels. The reason for this is the boiler's high effiecency, low emmision values and advanced management. BioHeat is a danish-produced biofuel boiler with automatic ignition and self-cleaning smoke pipes
Summer and winter operations

The automatic ignition makes BioHeat suitable for operation during the summer period. If there is no heat consumption, the boiler will turn off and when the heat consumption returns, the boiler will be turned on again. Low heat consumption with low smoke temperatures can lead to condensation and runaway in the chimney, but the problem is that BioHeat will reduce the convection part of the boiler so as to maintain a smoke temperature that does not provide condensation.

Minimal maintenance
Also, do not think about cleaning the smoke pipes, BioHeat already does that by itself. With the self-cleaning convection unit, manual cleaning should only be done 1-2 times a year or as requiered. BioHeat is thus a fully automatic alternative to oil and gas. Passat boilers has been developed to be at the forefront of the market. For many years, the boiler will ensure you an efficient environmentally sound and economical combustions of biofuels. The reason for this is the advanced management. When you receive the boiler, it is factory-set in control so that wood pellets can be immediately fired.



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